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About AW.Bridal
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AW.Bridal is a company with satisfied clients worldwide. We’ve been in wedding industry for over ten years, providing attainable bridal dresses, accessories & wedding decors for vintage-savvy brides, bridesmaids, and party girls.

At AWBridal.com you will get chic inspirations for weddings, proms, evenings, wedding accessories, party décor, etc. Have your wedding gown custom tailored, bridesmaid dresses delivered within 24 hours, and wedding reception DIY won’t cost you a fortune here. Creating your own design of dresses is also welcome.

For brides wanting a unique color theme, “shop by color” section is certainly your one-stop end. We’ve got all covered: Dresses for wedding, for bridesmaids, for flower girls, for mother of the brides, and for special occasions; Accessories: sashes, petticoats, umbrellas & fans, jewelries, headpieces, shoes, etc.; Decors: table cloths, table covers, chair sashes, aisle runners, etc.; Supplies: flower baskets, ring pillows, guest book & pen, bags, etc.; DIY: ribbons, tulle rolls, confetti.

Highly recommended for AW.Bridal fans is the AW exclusive bridal collections, vintage inspired lace wedding dresses, retro chiffon bridesmaids dresses, quick delivery dresses, all in pretty handsome price.

Why AW.Bridal?

We can help with your wedding planning. At one stop. Under budget.

You will be amazed by the completely low price for a whole bunch of wedding supplies. We ship directly from the factory, and have a relatively low cost thanks to bulk orders.

Set up your wedding theme and budget, you will not be anxious for gathering dresses, accessories, here and there. Hundreds of color hues, thousands of unique styles.

We've been committed to becoming world's leading online wedding shop since being founded. Our goal is to make your wedding experience the best possible one it can be. It is our great honor to provide you with dreamy dresses at incredible wholesale prices. Even if you are looking for a particular dress that you could not find at AWBridal.com, feel free to contact us at cs@awbridal.com or leave us a message. We will contact you immediately and do the best as we can to tailor a wedding dress according to your requirement and expectation. We want you to feel that AWBridal.com strives to offer you both efficient service and best products.

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